Original BTC - Peter Bowles

Childhood visits to his father’s manufacturing facilities opened Peter’s eyes to the clean lines of traditional factory fittings and the versatility of mid-century style. His later stint working the machines at a French cutlery manufacturer ignited his passion for the “crash, bang, wallop of production".

Challenged by the design limitations of cutlery, in 1990 Peter went back to his roots opening Oxford-based lighting factory. “My goal was to design and produce lights that you are instantly at home with, that will fit comfortably for many years to come”. Peter was one of the first designers to capture the appeal of industrial styling and to use bone china shades for lighting.

Unsatisfied with the finish of commonly-used plastic lighting flex (back in 1990), Peter replaced it with a woven cotton braid snipped off the family iron! Introducing this type of braid to lighting, and now one of Original BTC’s best-loved design features.

A true family business, Peter Bowles' son Charlie became Director of Original BTC in 2012, daughter Gina Amies became Director of Beadlight in 2013 and Hettie Bowles was appointed Original BTC Operations and Logistics Director in 2017.