OPE - Ope Select shelving system


Brand OPE
SKU: OP-E45811

The Norwegian company Ope is introduces a flexible storage furniture system that can grow and adapt with our changing needs. The Ope system is based on a seemingly simple connector, which allows for infinite expansion and reconfiguration without the use of tools. The system is comprised of only four core component parts including two versions of panels which form boxes that can be floor or wall-mounted in endless variation. The oak cabinets can be interspersed for visual interest and to provide covered storage. The Ope Select system fits into the oak cabinet when not in use or being transported. The key part that allows for this practical flexibility is the Ope connector. A U.S. patent pending bracket which requires no tools for assembly and allows for a strong system with seamless lines. Ope products can be reassembled and reconfigured for changing needs. The system is designed in Scandinavia and the panels are manufactured in the U.S. to minimize their environmental impact.

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