Kokushuu Tea Set


Brand Kumagai

Established: 1935

Brand: Kumagai

The Kumagai company was founded in 1935 and specializes in producing traditional Kyoto pottery (Kyoyaki-Kiyomizuyaki), a type of earthenware popular in Kyoto and Japan. Pottery in Kyoto dates back to the late 5th century, although the Kyo Yaki style flourished more in the 16th century when the area was the center of trade and politics.

The popularity of the tea ceremony created a large demand for earthenware tea sets, and as Kyoto was then the capital of Japan, artisans from all over the country were in the city and were more than eager to apply their skills. Because of this, the development of the Kyo Yaki style borrowed forms and techniques from all over Japan.

Item Description: Tea set, sake pot with two cups, sold as a set. 

Materials: Earthenware

Dimensions: Teapot: L: 6.25" x H: 3.5" x Ø 4 / Cups: H: 2.5" x Ø 2.75"

Care Instructions: Hand wash. Do not heat up without liquid inside. Avoid rapid temperature change. When using make sure the bottom surface is dry. When hot do not poor or soak in cold water. Best heat when heating up the liquid is medium to low. 

Made In: Japan