Coat Rack



Designer: Studio0405, 2019

Brand: Made by Hand

With inspiration in Japanese joinery, the Coat Stand is simple and easy to assemble for everyday use. The coat raack is a discrete, low-key design, in dialogue with its surroundings but with a feeling of something both refined and extraordinary. The Coat Stand is created in different wood finishes and sizes with a sense of tactility, something haptic that you can interact with. In meeting with your hands, you sense the smoothness of the wood, the beauty of the legs coming together and the small details of the brass in the center. 

Description: Easy to assemble and disassemble solid oak wood pieces with a brass inlay detail running the top rod of the rack that makes ease of sliding hangers and prevents wear.

Materials: Oak and brass

Product Dimensions: 39"W or 59"W x 23.5”D x 63"H

Product Weight: 9.7 pounds