TYP 113 Clamp Lamp


Brand Midgard

Designer: Curt Fischer

Design Year: ~1923

Brand: Midgard

This quintessential Midgard lamp was Curt Fischer's first design in 1919. Brought back to life in 2019 in this limited edition run of 100 pieces. Each lamp is numbered 1 - 100.

Midgard, a remarkable German lighting manufacturer founded in 1919 by Curt Fischer held the first patents for the adjustable light. The TYP 113 is of particular importance as Walter Gropius, a committed fan, adopted it for the Bauhaus school, adding them to the classrooms, atelier and faculty housing at the Dessau School. Photos and film footage of the pre war era show the TYP 113 in Germany as well as in the US after faculty members crossed the Atlantic.

In celebration of their 100 year anniversary, Midgard chose to produce a limited run of 100 pieces of the TYP 113, using original techniques and materials. In collaboration with Thonet, who partnered to bend the nickel plated steel arms, thoughtful attention is given to craftsmanship to produce a truly special heirloom piece for home or office.

The early 20th century inventor and designer Curt Fischer spent time researching ways in which he might be able to improve the light quality in his town's factories during the 19-teens. Upon visiting and speaking with the workers, it was discovered that the downward-casting overhead lighting created shadows on their work surfaces. And so the first articulating lamp was designed and patented. This adjustable table lamp even allows for an optional asymmetrical rotatable shade to block direct light from the user's eye.

After nearly 100 years surviving war and depression, Midgard was purchased and brought back to life in 2014 by long time collector David Einsiedler and his partner Joke Rasch. Using the exact tooling and machines from the original factory and staying true to the designs and materials used decades before, Midgard is now a reputable supplier of lighting for homes as well as many large corporations who wish to outfit their offices with quality, functional and well designed lighting.

Description: Articulating, positionable table clamp lamp providing direct illumination of work surface with satisfying new old stock from the early 20th century bakelite switch on shade. Enameled rotating bias-cut shade in black. Each lamp is numbered 1 - 100.

Production Process: This lamp is 100% hand made with original 1920's tooling in Germany. The shade is spun from aluminum and the stem is polished nickel plated steel, hand formed by furniture maker Thonet. The ceramic bulb housings and on / off switches are new old stock found in the original factory. All parts are hand assembled into each light in Germany.

Materials: Enameled rotating bias-cut shade; nickel plated steel frame; fabric covered cord. 

Product Dimensions: Fully Adjustable 9.84"L x 7.87"W x 31.5" overall height. Tabletop thickness min .8" or 20mm / max 2.0" or 53mm

Product Weight: 5 pounds. 

Packaging Dimensions: "L x "W x "H;  pounds. 

Light Source: Socket E26; 60 watt max. Bulb not included.

Cord: 60" fabric cord, bronze in color.

Certification: UL listed upon request. 

Environment: For indoor use only. 

Care Instructions: Dust with soft dry cloth or wipe with damp cloth using water only and drying thoroughly. Always switch off electricity supply before cleaning.