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The connection between architects and timepieces is inexplicably strong, but Nendo comes as close as anyone to being able to demonstrate this kinship. Taking the most basic tool of the architect, the scale, Nendo wraps it around the dial as a measure of the passage of time. To emphasize the idea of the scale, the gradations marking time are printed not on the dial, but under the crystal, much like actual scales. Read this watch with an architect's or scientific eye as precision is gained by a trained eye. Released in June 2014.

Nendo is Oki Sato, a young Japanese Canadian, who earned an MA in Architecture at Waseda University, Toyko and a rapid rise to international fame as a designer as well as architect. Twice named designer of the year, by Wallpaper and Elle D├ęcor magazines, he has exhibited and published extensively and holds several academic positions. He seeks to elicit the "aha" moment in every interact with his audience, however small. His exquisite products have been given significant award attention over the years.

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