Skeppshult of Sweden began making hand crafted cast iron cookware out of virgin iron ore in 1906. One hundred years later, the durability, versatility, and beauty of their products is a testament not only to the tenacity of cast iron but also to Skeppshult.

Made In Sweden

Generations of Expertise

Cast iron is praised for it's even heat distribution, versatility, durability, and natural non-stick surface. Skeppshult offers a range of castiron cookwear and kitchen tools.

Frying Pans

Spice Mills & Grinders


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Skeppshult - 11" Grill Pan
11" Grill Pan
Sale price$215.00
11" Deep Fry Pan11" Deep Fry Pan
11" Deep Fry Pan
Sale price$230.00
Skeppshult - 11" Frying Pan
11" Fry Pan
Sale price$205.00
Skeppshult - 11" Frying Pan
9.5" Fry Pan
Sale price$160.00
2.9" Mini Fry Pan2.9" Mini Fry Pan
2.9" Mini Fry Pan
Sale price$40.00
11" Deep Fry Pan with Lid11" Deep Fry Pan with Lid
11" Deep Fry Pan with Lid
Sale price$260.00
14" Fry pan14" Fry pan
14" Fry pan
Sale price$260.00
10.2" Fry Pan
10.2" Fry Pan
Sale price$180.00
9.8" Grill Pan9.8" Grill Pan
9.8" Grill Pan
Sale price$180.00
9.8" Deep Fry Pan9.8" Deep Fry Pan
9.8" Deep Fry Pan
Sale price$210.00
Skeppshult - Fish PanSkeppshult - Fish Pan
Fish Pan
Sale price$200.00
Skeppshult - WokSkeppshult - Wok
11.8" Cast Iron Wok
Sale price$225.00
6" Sauce Pan6" Sauce Pan
6" Sauce Pan
Sale price$140.00
6.7" Crepe Pan6.7" Crepe Pan
6.7" Crepe Pan
Sale price$105.00
Skeppshult - 9" Pancake Pan
9" Pancake Pan
Sale price$160.00
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Skeppshult - Little Swing Pepper & Spice Mill
Back Soon
Skeppshult - Swing Pepper & Spice MillSkeppshult - Swing Pepper & Spice Mill
Swing Pepper & Spice Mill
Sale price$70.00
Skeppshult - Swing Salt & SpicebowlSkeppshult - Swing Salt & Spicebowl
Swing Salt & Spicebowl
Sale price$70.00
Skeppshult - Big Swing Pepper & Spice MillSkeppshult - Big Swing Pepper & Spice Mill
Skeppshult - “Spice” Crush-GrinderSkeppshult - “Spice” Crush-Grinder
“Spice” Crush-Grinder
Sale price$99.00