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WAALS - Charlotte van der Waals - World Time Clock


"My aim is to blend shape, construction and material into visually perfect unity, resulting in products that radiate a self-evident quality"

Charlotte van der Waals (Dutch, born 1950) is an award-winning creator of several breakthrough designs. A graduate of the department of Industrial Design Rietveld Academy in 1972, her work has been exhibited and acquired by the Stedelikjk Museum Amsterdam, the Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt, MoMA NY and Louisiana Museum Kopenhagen, among others. As well as making a mark in the design world, she has enjoyed commercial success with many of her products such as the Folding Flower vase.

In 2001, the World Time Clock design was launched to global acclaim and the product continues to do well as friendship and business are conducted across time zones. A simple turn of the clock on one if its 12 facets lets one quickly see time in all 24 world time zones. Charlotte is a native of Amsterdam where she continues to live, work, and teach. Her current project is a world time wall clock-challenging, but not beyond this designer's skills.

Charlotte van der Waals' Studio TRV has been associated with AMEICO since 2001.

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