A curated collection of products from current Japanese artisans, designers & companies.

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"Best New Product" Award NYNOW 2019

Akii - Nightbook - LED book light

Subu - Slippers

These winter slippers are as useful as they are stylish. They have a durable sole and a Teflon outer coating for quick walks to the mailbox or other jaunts outside in Fall or Winter, and polyester down fill with a soft cushioned insole to make your feet feel like they are wrapped up in a warm down jacket.

Hibi - Incense Matches

Hibi matches last for about ten minutes bringing delightful fragrances to anywhere you bring the palm-sized box, allowing short aromatherapy sessions for the busy individual. 

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Oigen x Jasper Morrison

The Palma collection is a collaboration between Japan Creative – a nonprofit organization and world famous designer Jasper Morrison who was invited to work with the Oigen foundry in Iwate, just north of the area affected by the 2011 tsunami.

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Cul de Sac - Aomori hiba wood products

Cul de Sac has developed a way to extract the essential oil from waste lumber associated with the use of these remarkable trees. In doing so, the company has recycled and repurposed this material into a variety of products that allow everyone to benefit from the Hiba wood’s superpowers.

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Minoshi Garden - Mulberry paper mobile

Designed by Atelier Oï in collaboration with Gifu Prefecture and the Gifu Federation of Paper Industries, Honminoshi Garden is a modular flat-pack mobile made with one of the oldest Japanese papers.

Minoshi Garden is an interpretation of the mysterious spirit of Japanese landscapes. Akin to the light and shadow play of screens in Japanese houses, the translucent nature of multiple geometric origami elements project sererity and a dynamic addition to any space.

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4th generation blacksmith making scissors

What began as an industry producing straight razors in 1744 now manufactures a variety of products including utility knives, traditional Japanese straight razors, Japanese gripping shears used for cutting thread, pruning shears, and floral shears. Each piece is painstakingly made by hand by skilled craftsmen using the same techniques that have been employed for generations.

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Making a Mayuhana pendant

the Mayuhana series designed by Toyo Ito, light diffuses through a multi layered finely woven cocoon that projects a shimmering angulated pattern upon its surroundings. The profile of the contours have an optical charm, that invite a closer look.

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