"When an intuition strikes you it is never alone, but comes in large numbers that are hard to hold back.

They come from within. From the curiosity and the determination to see everything from a point of view that is not obvious. If an object seems imposing, I look for its lightness. If it seems rich I find its essence. If somebody tells me it is something big, I try to see it as small and frail. If someone tells me something is impossible, I feel challenged to find where and how and when it may be possible."

"This applies to the world today, where people have an urgent need to redefine their consumption of things, of land, air and energies. The world needs a new outlook on what seems forever unchangeable. So that it can at last be changeable. As soon as we understand how to make things change we get the intuition of change. This is irrepressible."--Michele de Lucchi, April 2009

Michele de Lucchi's career (Italian, born 1951) can as easily be measured by his prolific and high profile designs, as by the eloquent and personal reflections on why he creates. With a bold and talented approach to design, de Lucchi gained prominence in radical movements such as Cavart, Alchymia, and Memphis, and later enjoyed success with his furniture and lighting designs for Vitra, Artemide and Olivetti.

In 1990, he set up Produzione Privata, a private label "laborati" with which de Lucchi fosters experimental designs and craftsmanship, unsolicited by clients. Products such as the mouth-blown Kada multi-piece vases (2009) begin simply, with a de Lucchi idea and sketch, and are perfected with Italian craftsmanship.

AMEICO has distributed Produzione Privata since 1999.

Products available from AMEICO designed by Michele De Lucchi