Cashico Embossed Square Card, Rabbit


SKU: YZ-351210

Design: +Lab

Brand: Yamazakura

Since 1931 Yamazakura has been producing paper and stationery in Japan.

The theme of rabbits in the waves is fairly common in Japanese art, a theme quite popular in the Momoyama (~1573-1615) and early Edo periods. This version of the tale appears to have evolved from a version of the story from the "Kojiki" ("Record of Ancient Matters", Japan's oldest extant chronicle) called  the "White Rabbit of Inaba" (Inaba no Shirousagi). In this story, in part, a rabbit tricks the sharks/crocodiles into letting him hop across their backs, allowing him to cross the sea from the Oki Islands to Cape Kita in Inaba, on the main island.

Item Description: 1 embossed black card & 1 embossed white envelope

Materials:  Thick textured paper, silver foil

Dimensions: Card: 3.3” sq. Envelope: 3.5” sq.

Made in: Japan