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IC Design - ETCH Clock

IC Design

  • $1,950.00

ATTENTION: This is a special order item please contact us to place an order.

Size: 15.75" x 15.75"

Weight: approx 6 kg

Power supply: 110-220 V ~10W

Coated aluminum frame

Thermo-elastic surface

App available for iOS and Android

Swiss design and engineering

The ETCH clock can be attached hanging on a wall or stay on a desk with an attachable base.

With the App, you can sync the ETCH time with the current time. The App also lets you choose 2 ways of displaying time.

The first one "Sync & Go" will display time every 30 seconds.

The second one "Sync & Sensor" will show time every 30 seconds but only if there is ambient sound or noise.

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