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Punkt. - Dect Compact Telephone


  • $249.00

Design by Jasper Morrison for Punkt., 2011.

The Punkt. DP01 DECT Compact Telephone with integrated answering machine is a cordless landline phone designed for simplicity, beauty and ease of use. It is full of small functional details one quickly takes for granted as they are seamlessly integrated into the design of the phone.

Clearly readable thanks to its big keys and the large fonts displayed on the 1.6" back-lit horizontal display, the DP01 can be placed horizontally on a flat surface or vertically wall-mounted, with a convenient hands-free function. Easily check for new messages using the visual interface by date, enabling you to directly select the messages you are interested in without having to listen to the whole recorded time sequence. Memorize up to 100 entries in the contact list with 3 different numbers for each entry and enjoy all your conversations in crystal clear audio quality.

A non-intrusive and particularly crisp set of ringtones characterizes the DP01 as a phone that softly integrates itself in any type of environment. Additional features include: up to 10 hours of talk time with up to 100 hours of standby time, caller ID support, intercom function, call history and language support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian.

The Punkt. DP01 truly incorporates the simplicity of a modern DECT phone that does just what a phone is supposed to do: phone calls. No frills and confusing "advanced" functions. The DP01 is only about easy communication through a superbly designed phone.