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Brand Kihara
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Brand: Kihara

Kihara is a Japanese porcelain producing company based in Arita. Artisans have been using the pristine white kaolin clay from Arita, Japan to make porcelain products for over 400 years. Kihara honors that history and the porcelain’s unblemished quality by employing traditional and innovative manufacturing processes to create porcelain pieces to suit modern tastes while respecting its design antecedents. Kihara’s white porcelain acts as an unblemished canvas for the quiet but illustrative decorations adorning their wares. Baked at high temperatures, the pieces are thin but durable, a testament to the longevity of a honored Japanese art.

Item Description: A lid for the Kihara canisters. The lid can fit both the large and small canisters. Click here to buy the large canister or click here to buy the small canister. 

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: H: 2.5" x Ø 3.9"

Care Instructions: Microwavable and dishwasher safe. 

Made In: Japan