Tiziana Ring



Designer: Tiziana Redavid

Established: 1996

Brand: La Mollla

Tiziana Redavid was an student at the Turin Polytechnic Architecture School in 1987 when she made a circumstantial discovery. From the factory floor of a manufacturer of industrial springs she discovered that leftover stainless steel springs were quite beautiful on her wrist. The finder’s creative spark was lit right there and an artistic idea burgeoned into a commercial one. In 1997, Tiziana launched La Mollla, which means spring in Italian, but with an extra L for its stretchiness.
Tiziana Redavid is an internationally-recognized architect and industrial designer with offices in Paris and Turin. La Mollla jewelry is made from springs from the Turin factory, and assembled and finished in France.

Item Description: 10 individual rings made out of high quality stainless steel springs

Materials: Stainless steel

US Size: Medium Size 7.5 - Large Size 9

Care Instructions: Avoid pulling on one side to prevent loss of shape. If ever a spring opens up, put both ends together and screw them back.

Made In: Springs made in Italy; jewelry produced in France