NYTA - Pretty - Steel with Matt or Glossy Finish
NYTA - Pretty - Steel with Matt or Glossy Finish
NYTA - Pretty - Steel with Matt or Glossy Finish


Pretty Pendant- Wide

Sale price$560.00
Color:Pretty Long Steel

The NYTA brand out of Germany was founded by three lighting designers who share a genuine passion for their craft: Fabian Maier, Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller.

The Pretty lights are a family of three distinct types of luminaires, all of them beautifully waisted. The soft flowing yet clear lines of the metal lampshades have been artfully crafted from a single piece of material. “Pretty wide” emits an open and direct kind of light; “Pretty long” focuses the light to a clean and narrow cone; “Pretty small” is the smaller, classic variety. The light effect of the lampshades may vary according to their finish: a mat white produces a soft light, while a mat black emits a brilliant variety.

The matte finish steel shade has a 10’ cloth-covered cord for a high-quality and classy appearance for any environment. 

Materials: Aluminum w/ matt 

Color outside: matt black

Color inside: matt black

Cord: black cloth-covered  

Length of cord: 10'

Ceiling canopy: plastic, matt black

Base: E27

Wattage: Wide, Long: 60w max, Small: 45w max

Long dimensions: Height: 13.3" Diameter: 6.5" Weight: 35 ounces
Small dimensions: Height: 7.1" Diameter: 6.5" Weight: 21 ounces
Wide dimensions: Height: 8.6" Diameter: 18.8" Weight: 46 ounces

Download instruction sheet here