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Punkt. - MP01 Cellphone White


  • $295.00

The Punkt. MP 01 Mobile Phone integrates unique hardware and software design to achieve new levels of simplicity. Created with a focus on call making with direct keys and an intuitive textbased interface, the handset offers unhindered access to all functions, without complex navigation keys and menu systems. Finished with high-specification camera paint and a Gorilla Glass screen, the handset has a soft-touch texture with a moulded pattern on the rear making the MP 01 comfortable to hold and easy to place on any surface. A forgotten level of battery life combined with modern features such as USB charging, Bluetooth pairing, and easy SIM access, enhance this rediscovery of the mobile phone.

The MP 01 comes with a USB cable that is compatible with all USB adapter for worldwide charging.

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Size: 4.5” h x 2” w x .6” d

Weight: 3 oz


Functions: Calls, SMS, month view calendar, alarm clock, bluetooth

Network: Quad-band GSM (2G)

Display: Full-color Hi-res TFT LCD display, Gorilla glass,

Anti-reflection / Anti-fingerprint coating

Finish: High-spec camera paint

Connector: Micro USB / Pug adapter

Battery: 1000 mAh / 290 min talk time / 3wks standby

SIM: Micro-SIM (3FF), Nano-SIM adapter

Audio: HQ audio with noise cancellation, 1W loudspeaker