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Santa & Cole - Moaré Shades

Santa & Cole

  • $770.00

Design by Antoni Arola, 2003.

The Moaré collection creates a moiré effect with two superimposed cylindrical shades, that undulates when viewed from different views. The Moaré shades use a mesh material used in industrial curtains.

Each pendant can accommodate up to two shades.

After adding two shades to your cart please click here to purchase the hanging light.

Metallic graphite black square ceiling plate included.

Polyester lampshade.

Suitable for Outlet Box.

Electric cable length: 3m / 117”

Bulb socket:

E26 (Max. hgt. 155 mm / 6.1”)

Recommended light sources:

3 x LED bulb: 17 W

3 x Compact fluorescent: 20 W

3 x Incandescent: Max. 100 W