Screen Glasses - E - Ever Green


Screen Glasses - E - Ever Green

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Autumn/Winter 2022 Limited Edition

Size: L: 5.5" x H: 1.8” x W: 5.5”   

Dioptre strengths: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3

Frame: soft-touch finished polycarbonate with flexible spring hinges

Case: Felt

Lenses: Acrylic; 40% of "blue" HEV light filtering and 100% UV protection

Designed in: France

Made in: Taiwan

IZIPIZI Essentia Limited Edition

Description: The lenses of the glasses in IZIPIZI’s Screen Range have a special coating which blocks 40% of the visible light in the 400-460 nanometer wavelengths. Users claim improved sleep and less fatigue. The lenses will cast a bluish reflection but look slightly yellow when looking through them.