S7 Lamp


SKU: S7-V10101

Height: 2.6' - 8.2'

Flexible memory composite, 8 led 360° swivel aluminum head with multiple brightness settings. Comes with removable 18" Ø metal base. 

The Structure 7 lamp is a fully adjustable light that also lets you be a sculptor, position the light around a corner, over your head or intimately next to you. A foot switch with five setting dimmer, makes the light perfect for any setting or mood. The removable 8 led aluminum head swivels around the bendable body 360° for increased ability to adjust and position your light. The round metal detachable base holds the light with three straps that make it easier for the light to be manipulated. Founded in 2004 in Nantes, France by Jean Francois Michon and Nicolas Pichelin, Structures thrives upon innovative solutions with a specialization in the industrial application of composite materials to lighting design.