Concrete Bird Wall Hooks


Brand Ausflug

Designer: Thomas Poganitsch

Brand: Ausflug

Able to be hung inside or out, these durable concrete wall hooks make an elegant illusion of a bird flying towards you in dreamlike relief. Designed by Thomas Poganitsch and hand-poured in Vienna, these satin finished hooks embrace the material irregularity and small bubbles inherent to concrete. The steel screw and wall anchor make for easy installation and when grouped in different sizes, the illusion of a flock of birds emerge from the wall. Ausflug (flight) creates a simple solution to accent a wall in place of typical wall hooks.

Item Description: These concrete birds can be used as garden, wall, or outdoor decoration. Each bird is cast individually by hand, therefore irregularities are natural. Comes with an attached steel screw and wall anchor. Waterproof and water resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. 

Materials: Concrete. Steel screw and wall anchor. 

Dimensions: Small H: 1.25” x  W: 3.5" x Ø 2.25" / Large H: 2" x W: 5.75" x Ø 3.5"

Made In: Italy