Cashico Embossed Rectangle Card, mushroom


Cashico Embossed Rectangle Card, Mushroom

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 One embossed blank card and one embossed envelope. 

Not just for formal occasions but also for everyday life, there is a moment to make something a little special. Paper company Yamazakura would like you to use their Cashico Cards for such occasions. Each foil press motif is connected to a specific good fortune for all ages and in all lands, wishing both the give and the receiver good fortune. 

Mushroom: Although poisonous, the Fly agaric mushroom is one of the most rare and thus is said to bring good fortune if one comes across one in the forest. Its scarlet cap with white dots is well-loved in western cultures, too, representing mystery, magic and youth.

Materials:Virgin pulp paper with silver foil.

Dimensions: L: 7” x H: 3.9”

Made in: Japan