Sophie Taeuber-Arp Marionettes Susanna Martucci

Susanna Martucci is the founder and CEO of Alisea, a company that has been a pioneer in the circular economy since 1994. Alisea is renowned for designing and manufacturing everyday objects and design pieces from materials sourced through circular economy supply chains, distinguishing itself as the sole operator in the market to make reuse and recycling its unique corporate identity. Under Martucci's leadership, Alisea champions an industrial system that is regenerative rather than extractive, inspiring industries to adopt systemic and circular thinking for mutual competitive advantages and generating synergies among various sectors. In 2019, Alisea became a Benefit company and earned the international B-Corp certification in 2020, cementing its commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Martucci emphasizes the importance of training and educating employees and managers in sustainability, believing that a company's sustainability efforts must encompass not just recycled products but also processes, supply chains, and stakeholder engagement to truly benefit the planet on a social, economic, and environmental level.


Susanna Martucci shares her journey as an entrepreneur, from launching Alisea to the inception of "Perpetua la matita." It's a personal narrative, shaped by a philosophy of re-evolution, that has led her business approach to become a commendable model of the circular economy.


View Perpetua pencils

View Perpetua pencils

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