Toyo Steel Co.

Toyo Steel Company Ltd. was established in 1969 in Osaka, Japan as a metal stamping service for the surrounding community. For decades now, Toyo Steel has produced high quality tool and utility boxes as well as other fine steel items for both home and professional use.

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Steel Stackable Storage Box T-150
Sale price$28.00
Steel Stackable Storage Box T-190
Sale priceFrom $32.00
Steel Toolbox T-320
Sale price$38.00
Steel Toolbox Y-350
Sale price$44.00
Steel Cantilever Toolbox ST-350
Sale price$135.00
Steel Trunk Toolbox T-360
Sale price$75.00
Steel Mini Box Y-12
Sale price$55.00
Steel Mini Box Y-17
Sale price$70.00
Steel Mini Box Y-20
Sale price$80.00
Steel Toolbox T-410
Sale price$70.00
Steel Toolbox Y-280
Sale price$40.00
Steel Cantilever Toolbox GL-350
Sale price$155.00