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Midgard - AYNO

Minimal Design - minimal footprint

Midgard - AYNO

Winner of the German Sustainability Award in design 2021, the AYNO Collection features minimalistic construction enabling extremely low resource consumption during production.

The first design of Midgard since the 1950s, AYNO is testing the boundaries between the origin and status quo of adjustable lighting.

IZIPIZI Oversize M & N
IZIPIZI Oversize M & N

New Eco-friendly IZIPIZI frames

Oversize M & N

Master Shin's Anvil Chefs knife

Made in South Korea

Master Shin's Anvil

Forged from recycled railroad and car spring steel with fine grain hickory & chestnut handles, blacksmith Shin In-Young produces the best handmade traditional Korean knives and gardening tools.