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AMEICO’s love of functional design extends to the world of decorative lighting. Materiality, construction, environmental sensitivity, and certifications are all key, but our gravitation is to lighting which is characteristically warm and intimate. Makers and manufacturers are chosen for their longevity, their vision and ability to communicate a set of values expressed in both their products and their service. 

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Italy - Denmark

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United Kingdom

AMEICO Lighting

Le Klint


Made by Hand, Knit-Wit, Pendant Light, Pendant Light, RO Table Lamp, Workshop Lighting, Knit Wit, Iskos Berlin,

Made by Hand




Original BTC

United Kingdom



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Our in-house UL certification

At our Wellsville Avenue warehouse, we have a licensed, UL assembly workshop. If requested, our expert team will test and UL certify our international lighting fixtures for the US and Canada (cUL). We are also able to offer other modifications such as a longer cord. Inquire for pricing and details.  

Please note that even when UL certification is not requested, Ameico has made any necessary modifications for North America. 

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