The history of Braun began around 90 years ago in Frankfurt am Main: in 1921, the mechanic and engineer Max Braun (1890–1951) founded the company as a workshop for the construction of appliances. From the very beginning, the company was characterized by its progressive ideas, innovative product solutions, and its use of the latest technical developments, which Max Braun was able to transform into marketable products. His first product was a transmission belt connector that substantially reduced wear on transmission belts. The company would soon record its first business successes.

In 1929, Braun entered the radio industry, initially developing detectors for radio receivers, and then manufacturing complete radio sets. In 1932, the company became one of the first manufacturers in Europe to combine a radio and record player in one unit. During World War II, Braun was obliged to discontinue production of virtually all of its own products. One of the few exceptions was the manulux, a mechanically driven pocket flashlight. With 3 million units, it was the first Braun product to be mass-produced. In 1944, the factories were almost completely destroyed. After the war, the company began a process of rapid reconstruction. Max Braun quickly realized the potential of new market segments, entering the kitchen and household appliances segment in 1950, with the Multimix kitchen blender. At the same time, he began series production of the S 50, the first dry foil shaver. This laid the foundations for two product divisions that have remained core segments for Braun to this day.