Asano, Paper Moon, Table Light, Task Light, Shigeru Uchida,Asano, Paper Moon, Table Light, Task Light, Shigeru Uchida,


Handmade in the Gifu prefecture of Japan for 90 years, this collection of Washi table lights designed by Shigeru Uchida in 1990, speak softly with their halcyon shape and warm diffusion. The simplicity of their structure is characterized by a wire armature that dilates a continuous spiral of bamboo filament and rice paper. Asano lantern lamps are lovely in a group. Flat packed and gift boxed, the experience of taking an Asano light out of its box is like unfolding a precious silk.

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Shigeru Uchida


Shigeru Uschida

A leading Japanese designer, Shigeru Uchida engaged in diverse design projects worldwide from architectural interior, furniture and industrial design to urban planning.

Asano rice paper lantern