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IC Design - Antonio Vitali Animals - Goose

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Licensed 2022 Re-Edition of Antonio Vitali wooden animal toys


A licensed re-edition of a small, but growing, selection of Antonio Vitali’s oeuvre in solid walnut and maple, crafted in Italy and Germany, and wish to sincerely thank the Museum fuer Gestaltung Zurich (Zurich Museum for Design), NikiTiki, Tokyo, and the painter Resly Reis, Zurich, Antonio Vitali’s life companion, for their valued collaboration.

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Antonio Vitali

Antonio Vitali (1909 – 2008) was a Swiss toy designer known for creating beautifully sculpted and rounded, handmade wooden toys, with simplicity and texture that satisfy at a sensual and emotional level. In addition to his own workshops in Zurich, Sornico (Valle Maggia, Switzerland) and then in NYC, he had a long relationship with the toy companies Creative Playthings in the US, Naef of Switzerland, Ravensburger of Germany and NikiTiki of Japan.

“The designs I created evolved out of years of observing children at play. Good toys have to contain the possibility for the child to develop emotionally and intellectually. Small, softly shaped objects which fit into the little child’s hand are perceived as joyful and friendly and are repeatedly touched.”

Antonio Vitali

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IC Design

Zurich-based IC Design specializes in the licensed re-editions of design classics and forgotten pieces by such visionaries as Man Ray, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Antonia Campi. In so doing, it tells the story of the wealth of objects, toys of various kinds, in particular, created in the 20th century to enrich and embellish lives of increasing efficiency and leisure.