Rosendahl, Arne Jacobsen Roman Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock, Arne Jacobsen,
Rosendahl, Arne Jacobsen Roman Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock,

Arne Jacobsen Clocks - Arne Jacobsen - Roman Alarm Clock - Black

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Arne Jacobsen's table clock with alarm, snooze function, and light, which is triggered by an invisible sensor at the top of the clock.


The Roman alarm clock is inspired by the clock tower that Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller designed for the Aarhus City Hall in 1942. Comprised of a black case and white face in a glossy hard PE body, curved crystal, and stainless steel feet, the clock is a welcome addition to a nightstand or desk. It features the distinct roman markers from the original clock tower design. A timeless classic, the alarm clock includes special IC alarm and a LED light.

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Arne Jacobsen Clocks

The holistic design approach by Arne Jacobsen gave the world some iconic clock designs when he complemented his large commissions with furniture and objects. Designed from the 1930s through 1971, these wall clocks and alarm clocks are re-edited in collaboration with the Jacobsen family.