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Leolo.ch, Boule, Toys & Games,
Leolo.ch, Boule, Toys & Games,

Leolo.ch - Boule

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Steel boule balls acquire a patina with use. The compact walnut, steel, and leather frame turns the set into a beautiful decorative object.

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In the game of boules as well as pétanque or boccia, the aim is to place your own balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball or to shoot the opposing balls away from the target ball.

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Leolo.ch, a Zurich-based studio, specializes in the creation of simple yet functional objects. These distinctive pieces are designed by Thomas Steuri and brought to life by small-scale local artisans in Switzerland. The Leolo collection features a diverse range of everyday objects and toys. Each item in the collection exhibits an understated elegance in its simplicity, underpinned by a palpable passion for craftsmanship.