Stan Editions, Candl Stack 07, Multicolor, Candle,
Stan Editions, Candl Stack 07, Candle,
Stan Editions, Candl Stack 07, Candle,

Stan Editions - Candl Stack 07

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Burn Time:(complete set) 230 hours Stack 07 Individual Specifications:Candle 11000:H:3.7"x W:1.5" Burn time:~12 hours Holder 11001:(Holder no wick) H:1.8" x W:2.7" Candle 11002:H:2.3"x W:2.7" Burn time:~24 hours Candle 11006:H:2.3" x W:3" Burn time:~46 hours Candle 11010:H:2.3" x W:3.9" Burn time:~60 hours Candle 11011:H:3.4" x W:3.9" Burn time:~90 hours Holder 11009:(Holder no wick) H:1.8" x W:3.9"

Stan Editions, Stackable Candles, Candles, Stan Verestrate,

Stan Editions

The unique thing about Stan Editions is that it gives the user, both the end consumer and the shops, the freedom to create their own towers or stacks. The Stan Editions pre-made stacks are just a start, they encourage creativity and form the basic package to build on.