Cube Tissue Holder



Designer: John Brauer

Brand: Essey

John Brauer founded Essey around the concept of using symbolism or metaphors to promote a given function or the inner nature of an object. This “symbolic functionalism” is the heart of Essey’s design philosophy.

Item Description: With crumpled surfaces visually communicating its purpose Wipy is the perfect trendy cover for cube tissue boxes. A stylish accessory for any room and perfect for the bathroom or dressing table. It's designed to fit most cube shaped tissue boxes from brands like Kleenex, Lotus etc. Just like its cousin Bin Bin, the New York Museum of Modern Art chose Wipy for its store. Available in 4 colors.

Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Dimensions: L: 5" x W: 5" x H: 5"

Made in: Germany