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Ameico Classics - Kuen Surface Silver Earrings - Pierced ears

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The Kuen Surface is the parametrization of a mathematical equation known for being a rare example of “constant negative curvature”. In addition to this claim to fame, symmetry along two of its axes and its resemblance to a human figure holding a disc, give the Kuen Surface particular aesthetic beauty. Man Ray and artists of the surreal and constructivist movements were enthralled by these forms and bridged a gap between modernist art and hidden beauty in mathematics. Today, a resurgence in interest in these complex curved surfaces is made more accessible by 3-D imaging and by exploration in quantum fields. The Kuen Surface begs an answer to the question, “what is beauty?” Man Ray’s 1938 photography and 1948 painting depicting the Kuen Surface inspired these 925 sterling silver pieces. 

1.5” long x .75” wide

925 sterling silver pendant, with a sterling chain

Made in the USA