Astep, Model 2109-24-14, Black, Pendant,
Astep, Model 2109-24-14, Champagne, Pendant,
Astep, Model 2109-24-14, Pendant,
Astep, Model 2109-24-14, Pendant,
Astep, Model 2109-24-14, Pendant,

Astep - Model 2109-24-14

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The Le Sfere Chandelier is composed of a circular array of blown opaline glass spheres. Each sphere is held in place by a large Black or Champagne painted steel radial ring structure. The spheres can be oriented downward or upward to provide direct or indirect illumination.

Astep Lighting,


Alessandro Sarfatti, inspired by his father's belief in perpetual progress, founded Astep, a company intertwining three generations of design ethos with modern lighting technology. With a rich family history in design, Alessandro's grandfather, Gino Sarfatti, revolutionized the lighting industry through Arteluce. His father, Riccardo, alongside his mother Sandra Severi, further innovated by blending design and technology with Luceplan. Astep creates new products for the home – objects that bring digital technologies to the forefront of our domestic lives. In addition, Astep revitalizes iconic works of Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò, carrying on the Sarfatti family's enduring avant-garde spirit.