My First 2 in 1 Seaplane
My First 2 in 1 Seaplane
My First 2 in 1 Seaplane

Le Jouet Simple - My First 2 in 1 Seaplane

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2-in-1 exploration vehicles are early learning toys that turn into a boat. 3 removable shells make up each vehicle.

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Designed to play everywhere, in the bath, inside and outside. The 3 shells separate and allow the child to develop dexterity and cause-and-effect relationships. Equipped with a propeller that rotates at full speed and its pilot Renard, each vehicle is ready for an adventure. Washable in water and in the dishwasher. 100% recycled plastic. 100% recyclable. 3 existing models: seaplane/helicopter/submarine

Le Jouet Simple

In 2021, Le Jouet Simple emerged as a toy brand with a purpose. They are not just rethinking toys; they are revolutionizing play within the circular economy. Their toys, eco-designed in France from recycled plastic, are crafted to last indefinitely. But there's more: when they've fulfilled their purpose, we invite you to return them to us for recycling. Their mission? to awaken curiosity and safeguard the world - one toy at a time.