Kuboid, Oloid - Marble, Dark Grey Marble
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble, Light Grey Marble
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,
Kuboid, Oloid - Marble,

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Oloid - Marble

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Choose:Dark Grey Marble

Designer: Paul Schatz 

Designed In: 1929

The Oloid was invented by Paul Schatz (1898-1979). Inspired by his previous discovery of the Invertible Cube and the fascinating forms rendered visible in the course of that object’s inversions, he derived the harmonious curvilinear form of the Oloid from the unusual spatial geometry. 

Item Description: Roll the Oloid down a smooth, slightly inclined surface and you will witness its meandering, three-dimensional movement. The rhythmic motion specific to the Oloid makes it eminently suitable for a Oloidrange of technical applications including water treatment and clarification, as an agitator or stirrer in bioengineering processes, or as means of propulsion for ships.

When buying this product, you at the same time support the marble crafts people on the island of Romblon and the cultural projects of “Koberwitz 1924 Inc.” on the Philippines, mainly in the fields of agriculture, health and education. Each Oloid is individually crafted and has it’s own shades and patterns. Oloid comes in a gift box complete with a pamphlet.

Materials: Solid light grey and dark grey marble from the Philippines. Please note that stone have natural variation in color. Please see images to get an idea of the range.

Dimensions: 2.75" L x 1.75”W x 1.75”H

Made in: Philippines