Pillow - Cherry
Pillow - Cherry

Gudme Leth - Pillow - Cherry

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Marie Gudme Leth was an outstanding Danish textile artist who achieved great recognition both in Denmark and internationally. Now her iconic pattern Cherry is being printed again.

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The cherry pattern The cheery and colorful pattern of birds between the cherry and peach branches today has iconic status within Danish arts and crafts. The elegant and airy composition became popular when Queen Ingrid chose it to decorate one of the princesses' rooms. Flowers were Marie Gudme Leth's love, and she was a fine draftsman who found inspiration in the Danish flora. The pattern is connected to the lush floral style that Marie Gudme Leth launched in the early 1940s. "In a dark time, you needed bright colors and colorful cheerfulness indoors", she said, with reference to the World War and the German occupation of Denmark. The cherry pattern was the first to be executed in a new technique of photographic transfer of the pattern of the fabric to the printing frames. With this, even greater precision could be achieved in the drawing itself.

Gudme Leth

Marie Gudme Leth, a renowned Danish textile artist, gained international acclaim for her work. Her iconic Cherry pattern, featuring bright colors and birds among cherry and peach branches, is being reprinted and holds a special place in Danish handicrafts, especially after Queen Ingrid used it to decorate a princess's room. Known for her love of flowers and detailed drafts, Leth drew inspiration from Danish flora, introducing a lush floral style in the early 1940s to bring color and cheer during the dark times of World War II. The Cherry pattern was the first to use a new technique of photographic transfer for precise fabric printing.