1L Enamel Container
Riess, 1L Enamel Container,
Riess, 1L Enamel Container,


1L Enamel Container

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This airtight food container serves as a lunch box. The rubber seal in the lid of the enamel container prevents any liquid from leaking out. Enamel prevents bacteria growth and is resistant to fruit acid, so it is ideally suited to the kitchen. Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures. The non-porous, smooth, cut and scratch-resistant glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. Enamel dishes are recommended for those allergic to nickel. Scratch resistant. Prevents bacteria growth and is aroma neutral.

Easy to clean, the bottom part of this container can also be used as a cooking pot. For example, if you go camping you can first use the storage container to transport your food and then to heat it up over a campfire afterwards. Enamel can also be used with open flames and camping stoves. 

Materials: White enamelware

Dimensions:H: 3.5" x Ø 5.5"

Volume: 1 liter

Care Instructions: Click here to download a proper use and care manual. If you close the container while the contents are still hot, you could create a vacuum and might not be able to open the lid afterwards. It’s best to leave the food to cool before closing the lid. If a vacuum is created, don’t try to open the lid with sharp objects. The vacuum will disappear by itself if the container, along with the contents, is heated and you will then be able to open the lid again easily.

Made In: Austria