Stacking Boats

Le Jouet Simple - Stacking Boats

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The stacking activity toy and bath toy are 100% made in France from recycled and recyclable plastic, ensuring guaranteed French origin.

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A pyramid of six cups designed for stacking. Whether right side up or upside down, the cups fit together to stimulate observation skills and understanding of cause and effect. Some cups are perforated to allow water to pass through.

Le Jouet Simple

In 2021, Le Jouet Simple emerged as a toy brand with a purpose. They are not just rethinking toys; they are revolutionizing play within the circular economy. Their toys, eco-designed in France from recycled plastic, are crafted to last indefinitely. But there's more: when they've fulfilled their purpose, we invite you to return them to us for recycling. Their mission? to awaken curiosity and safeguard the world - one toy at a time.