Toyo, Steel Toolbox Y-280, Blue
Toyo, Steel Toolbox Y-280,
Toyo, Steel Toolbox Y-280,


Steel Toolbox Y-280

Sale price$40.00
  • Pressed from a single steel plate / seamless construction
  • Round handle with no sharp edges 
  • Durable and functional
  • Cylinder on latch for an attached lock with .5" dia.
  • Camber lid allows more capacity


Material: Steel, painted

Outer Dimensions: W: 11.9” x D: 6.4” x H: 4.8”
Inner Dimensions: W: 10.5” x D: 5.3” x H: 2.75”

Made in: Japan

    Toyo Steel Toolboxes


    Toyo Steel Company Ltd. was established in 1969 in Osaka, Japan as metal stamping service for the surrounding community. For decades now, Toyo Steel has produced high quality tool and utility boxes as well as other fine steel items for both home and professional use. Their unique process of deep drawing technology involves stamping and folding instead of cutting and seaming, which eliminates sharp edges and creates a more sturdy, lightweight structure.