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NYTA - Tilt Large - Brass Pendant


  • $940.00


Design by: Fabian Maier, Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller

The Tilt Brass Pendant Light lets you direct it exactly where it is needed, while emanating a soft and open light. Easy, intuitive handling allows turning and swiveling the shade along its oblong opening in every direction. It works like a cupped reflector that you can freely move around the light source, thus gathering the light and directing it towards the space or object you want to illuminate.

With a solid brass shade, brass guiding, and black cloth-covered cord, Tilt's design makes for a high-quality appearance in every conceivable environment. A self-fastening hanging mechanism provides solid purchase and cleanly holds the lamp in position.

Materials: Brass, outside polished, inside brushed

Cord: cloth-covered (black, grey, white, red)

Length of cord: 10'

Ceiling canopy: plastic, matt black

Base: E 26

Light source: max. 70 Watts – LED, Halogen, light bulb, fluorescent lamp

Tilt angle: max. 110 degrees

Swivel: 360 degrees

Height: 9.6"

Diameter: 11"

Weight: 62 ounces

Energy classes: These luminaires are compatible with bulbs of the energy classes A++ to E