Original BTC, Weatherproof Ship's Mini Well Glass Wall Light, Exterior,

Original BTC - Weatherproof Ship's Mini Well Glass Wall Light

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A miniature version of Weatherproof Ship's Well Glass Wall Light 7207. The glass is hand blown by highly skilled craftsmen at their UK-based factory, one of a few remaining in the UK. This is a time-intensive process, which ensures a product of premium color, clarity and brilliance. Unlike homogenous mold-made glass, each piece is unique, with slight variations, demonstrating the care and attention with which it has been crafted.
Material: Chrome, Clear Glass
H:6.7" x D:4.3"
Depth / Projection: 3.3"
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Made in: United Kingdom
Max Wattage: 15 Fixture: Ba15d IP Rating: IP54