Original BTC, Brass Bulkhead Wall Lamp Eyelid Shield, Exterior,

Original BTC - Brass Bulkhead Wall Lamp - Eyelid Shield

Sale price$999.00
Die-cast bulkhead light in natural brass, unlaquered with a half guard cover and frosted glass diffuser. Front secured with socket head screws. Dimmable.  Production Process: From using centuries old techniques to the very latest technology, all lights are handmade by our skilled workforce in the UK. The process of sandcasting begins by preparing a mould; a sand mixture is packed around a ‘pattern’ and tamped down, binding the mixture together. The pattern is subsequently removed, and molten metal is poured into the mould cavity. Once cool, the metal item is separated from the sand mixture. These castings are then machined, drilled, sanded and finished by sandblasting, weathering or polishing.
Material:  Solid unlaquered brass; frosted prismatic glass.
Ø:9.5" D:4.7"
Weight: 6 lbs
Made in: United Kingdom
Max Wattage: 100 Fixture: E26 IP Rating: IP54
Care Instructions: Dust with soft dry cloth or wipe with damp cloth using water only and drying thoroughly. Natural metals are not coated and will take on a beautiful patina over time; if one wishes, they may be polished with trusted metal polish and soft cloth. Always switch off electricity supply before cleaning.