Original BTC, Cargo Cluster Wall / Ceiling Lamp Protective Guard, Pendant,

Original BTC - Cargo Cluster Wall / Ceiling Lamp - Protective Guard

Sale price$1,699.00
Steel Ship's Cargo Cluster lamp for hard wiring into a wall or ceiling; galvanized finish with a protective galvanized guard. It features either a six lamp holder cluster for applications which call for the brightest light output. You can set the chain length of your pendant to your desired drop during installation. Dimmable. Production Process:  Original BTC uses centuries-old techniques to create truly authentic, unprocessed lighting designs; some of which originate from East India Docks (London) in the 1880s where Davey Lighting was established. Each of our spun shades begin life as sheet metal disc and are formed through a process called spinning. The sheets are first clamped to a formed block (reflecting the shape we want to produce) which are rotated together at high speeds. A localized pressure is supplied by hand to this spinning workpiece, causing the disc to adopt the shape of the block. The formed shade is then finished by polishing, weathering or powder coating.
Material:  Steel and aluminum, all galvanized.
Ø:14.7" H:12.5"
Min drop:16.5" Max drop:71"
Weight: 12.3 lbs
Made in: United Kingdom
Max Wattage: 100 Fixture: E26