Cashico Embossed Rectangle Card, owl


Cashico Embossed Rectangle Card, Owl

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 One embossed blank card and one embossed envelope. 

Not just for formal occasions but also for everyday life, there is a moment to make something a little special. Paper company Yamazakura would like you to use their Cashico Cards for such occasions. Each foil press motif is connected to a specific good fortune for all ages and in all lands, wishing both the give and the receiver good fortune. 

Owl: The owl is regarded as a lucky charm in Japan because it phonetically means “good fortune is coming” and “having no troubles.” It is believed that owls are a guardian god of forests and of knowledge as a symbol of a talisman, and as good fortune in Western culture.

Materials:Virgin pulp paper with gold foil.

Dimensions: L: 7” x H: 3.9”