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Flowerpot Portable Table Lamp VP9Flowerpot Portable Table Lamp VP9
Flowerpot Portable Table Lamp VP9
Sale priceFrom $315.00
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Manhattan Portable Lamp SC52Manhattan Portable Lamp SC52
Manhattan Portable Lamp SC52
Sale price$295.00
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Matte WhiteAluminum
P376 Pendant KF1
Sale price$945.00
P376 Pendant KF2P376 Pendant KF2
P376 Pendant KF2
Sale price$1,645.00
Maroon with brassBlack with brass
Tripod Floor Lamp HM8
Sale price$1,345.00
Lucca Portable Lamp SC51Lucca Portable Lamp SC51
Lucca Portable Lamp SC51
Sale price$250.00
Setago Portable Lamp JH27Setago Portable Lamp JH27
Setago Portable Lamp JH27
Sale price$205.00
Formakami Pendant JH3Formakami Pendant JH3
Formakami Pendant JH3
Sale price$340.00
Formakami Pendant JH4Formakami Pendant JH4
Formakami Pendant JH4
Sale price$315.00
Formakami Pendant JH5Formakami Pendant JH5
Formakami Pendant JH5
Sale price$385.00
Formakami Table Lamp JH18Formakami Table Lamp JH18
Formakami Table Lamp JH18
Sale price$385.00
&tradition - 2016 Bellevue Floor Lamps&tradition - 2016 Bellevue Floor Lamps
Bellevue Floor Lamp AJ7
Sale priceFrom $1,170.00
&tradition - 2016 Bellevue Table Lamp&tradition - 2016 Bellevue Table Lamp
Bellevue Table Lamp AJ8
Sale priceFrom $810.00
Bellevue Wall Lamp AJ9Bellevue Wall Lamp AJ9
Bellevue Wall Lamp AJ9
Sale priceFrom $540.00
&tradition - Blown Pendant, white / satinBlown Pendant SW3 - Opal White
&tradition - Blown Pendant, silver lustre / smokeBlown Pendant SW3 - Silver Lustre
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Blown Pendant SW4 - Opal WhiteBlown Pendant SW4 - Opal White
Blown Pendant SW4 - Silver LustreBlown Pendant SW4 - Silver Lustre
Blown Table Lamp SW6 - Silver LustreBlown Table Lamp SW6 - Silver Lustre
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Copenhagen Desk Lamp SC15Copenhagen Desk Lamp SC15
Copenhagen Desk Lamp SC15
Sale price$723.00
Copenhagen Floor Lamp SC14Copenhagen Floor Lamp SC14
Copenhagen Floor Lamp SC14
Sale price$1,755.00
Save $50.00
&tradition - Copenhagen Pendant SmallCopenhagen Pendant SC6
Copenhagen Pendant SC6
Sale priceFrom $336.00 Regular price$386.00
&tradition - Copenhagen Pendant MediumCopenhagen Pendant SC7
Copenhagen Pendant SC7
Sale priceFrom $655.00
&tradition - Copenhagen Pendant LargeCopenhagen Pendant SC8
Copenhagen Pendant SC8
Sale priceFrom $1,050.00
Copenhagen Table Lamp SC13Copenhagen Table Lamp SC13
Copenhagen Table Lamp SC13
Sale price$945.00
Copenhagen Wall Lamp SC16Copenhagen Wall Lamp SC16
Copenhagen Wall Lamp SC16
Sale price$593.00
Flowerpot Pendant VP1Flowerpot Pendant VP1
Flowerpot Pendant VP1
Sale priceFrom $445.00
Flowerpot  Pendant VP2Flowerpot  Pendant VP2
Flowerpot Pendant VP2
Sale price$945.00
Flowerpot Pendant VP7Flowerpot Pendant VP7
Flowerpot Pendant VP7
Sale price$655.00
Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3
Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3
Sale priceFrom $600.00