7.5" City Skyline Silhouette Mini



Designer: Antoine Daniel

Brand: The Line

Established: 2015

The Line Mini is magnetic and can be attached any magnetized surface. You can stick and move the line according to your mood and display it on various surfaces without putting holes in the wall. Measuring at 7.5" wide, it comes in a flat gift box, perfect small souvenir or gift from you travels.

Antoine Daniel is a French Designer and founder of the Line. He used his cabinet-maker background and his father’s architectural knowledge to craft city skyline silhouettes from sheets of steel. His first skyline was based off of a photograph his father took of the coast of Marseilles. Daniel redrew the silhouette in a continuous line then laser cut the outline. His first prototypes sold out immediately. The Line uses iconic viewpoints of famous cities that become, in essence, icons themselves.

Item Description: Wall-mountable city silhouette, two adhesive magnets, gift-boxed

Material: Black painted laser cut steel, magnetized. Recycled cardboard packaging.

Dimensions: 7.5” long

Made in: France