Karst Woodless Pencils
Karst Woodless Pencils
Karst Woodless Pencils
Karst Woodless Pencils


Woodless Graphite Pencils - Set of 5

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SKU: KT-Pencils-Grey-5pk

Item Description: 5 pack of pure graphite woodless pencils, matte finish keeps hands clean. Designed specifically for use with Karst paper, but suitable for all paper types. Can be sharpened with standard sharpener. 2-in-1 display & storage case.

Materials: Pure graphite leads / 2B hardness

Dimensions: Each pencil 5.5" x .25”

Karst - Stone Paper

Recyclable & tree-free

Stone paper is infinitely recyclable, made from repurposed Calcium carbonate construction waste. The process eliminates the use of water in production.

Friction-free writing

No grain direction, no bleed through, Stone paper is smoother than anything you’ve ever written on. Completely friction-free, pens & pencils glide across the page.

Waterproof & tear-resistant

Calcium carbonate is the base of superhydrophobic coatings. Stone paper is completely waterproof, and tear-resistant with its unique chemical structure.

60% lower carbon footprint

Stone paper has a 60% smaller carbon footprint than traditional wood-pulp paper. A sheet of traditional A5 paper uses about 2.5 gallons of water.