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Mate Mono

With nearly 80 years of experience, Komatsu Matere has trailblazed in the development of new textiles and dyeing processes for various industries, ranging from automobile upholstery to high-end designer labels. As a sustainable brand, Komatsu Matere breathes new life into scrap materials and waste through their line of minimal-waste goods, named "mate-mono." This innovative approach not only benefits the environment but also offers unique and creative solutions for consumers, demonstrating how responsible practices can coexist with style and sustainability.

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Horn bag
Sale price$89.00
See Through Bag
Sale price$69.00
See Through Pouch
Sale price$24.00
See Through Shoulder Bag
Sale price$59.00
Stretchy Bag
Sale price$79.00
Tekateka Shoulder bag
Sale price$69.00
Tekateka Tote bag
Sale price$100.00
Tile Bag
Sale price$89.00